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MAYROCK zero emission commercial vehicles

Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles

Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles

MAYROCK Automotive designs and manufactures zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Our mission is to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels by helping our commercial customers achieve a lower total cost of ownership on electric vehicles compared to traditional gasoline-powered commercial vehicles.

Zero emission commercial vehicles
Zero Emission Commecial Vehicles
Class 4 and 6 commercial delivery vehicles.


Class 4 and Class 6 commercial delivery vehicles.

Lower TCO

Last mile delivery with up to 70%* lower total cost of ownership than conventional gasoline fleet vehicles.

Save up to 65% in fuel costs

According to the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI), fuel costs account for ~35% of average marginal cost per mile.

*Saving up to 70% after California HVIP incentives

Turn your fleet "green"

Cobalt-free battery technology and zero emissions per mile driven.

Lower maintenance cost

Lower maintenance cost

Shorter recharge time

Shorter recharge time

Lower carbon footprint

Lower carbon footprint

MAYROCK cobalt-free LFP battery technology


Cobalt-free LFP battery technology offers
2-3x the number of charging cycles and lower cost per kWh.

LFP battery technology

Superior long-term reliability and higher number of charging cycles compared to NCM/NCA Lithium batteries.

Safer batteries

Lower thermal runaway potential and reduced fire ignition risk ensure better safety.

8 years / 150,000 miles

Industry-leading battery warranty for lower TCO and more peace of mind.

MAYROCK's Investors


Established relationships with key suppliers around the world.


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